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Is Your Health Insurance Safe from Congress? 
 Is Your Health Insurance Safe from Congress?
News concerning the subsidizing of health insurance coverage for thousands of American citizens, as the Congressional Budget Office has estimated the cost of the government subsidies in the insurance coverage system. In order to do this, the law has expanded the possibility of eligible people for the Medicaid system and it has subsidized the cost of health insurance for both middle and low income families that are purchasing policies that fall under the new insurance exchange system that is expected to open in two years.
The Congressional Budget Office predicts that the government costs of the Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program are only going to increase. That’s because more citizens and families are going to fall under the category of low and medium income families due to the increase of the unemployment rate and the decrease in the income of most families. This increase in the budget is expected to be an increase of 168 billion U.S dollars. This increase would be accompanied by an increase in the taxable penalties and compensations and will also be accompanied by a decrease in the expected costs for different tax credits. Both are expected to lead to a noticeable increase to the government’s revenue sources.
Health Insurance
As for the statistics, The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that a total of five million workers will no longer have insurance from their employer. And it added that employers will lean towards paying the workers more instead of paying for their health insurance. And of course this increase in the pay will be accompanied by an increase in taxes. While the money the employers pay on the health insurance of their workers is not eligible to be taxed. And also, the CBO predicts that more penalties are going to be applied on the employers who fail to supply their workers with enough financial funds for their health coverage.
Besides the huge number of expected workers to lose their employer based health coverage and insurance, but the CBO also expects that the number of these workers will still grow larger. It will only grow slower than the usual, especially after the health reform law.
Another piece of statistics that was estimated by the CBO, in 2012, about 154 million employees are getting health insurance from their employer. And in 10 years, in 2022, the 154 million employees are going to expand and grow to reach 161 million. And the health Reform law is expected to decrease the number of people without insurance by 30 million in four years, in 2016. This will lead to great numbers, almost 93% of the legal and non-elderly US citizens are expected to be health insured, compared to only 82% in 2012.
Auto Insurance Reforms and Cost Increases to Auto Insurance Premiums 
 Reforms in New Jersey Auto Insurance – How Is It Advantageous?
After reports of a county hospital and some doctors submitting inflated bills for accidents victims’ medical care, the Christie administration has turned on the heat on that section of auto insurance policies that is responsible for helping these firms in the state recover patient bills.
Personal injury protection, commonly known as PIP, in New Jersey is highly in demand and in times when prices in the state are already much higher than the rest of the country, PIP is gradually becoming one of the fastest developing sections in the auto insurance industry.
In view of medical professionals submitting unimaginable bills to patients, a very senior official of ICNJ (Insurance Council of NJ) said that allowing doctors to set their own fees could prove to be a problem in the future, and would ultimately lead to patients paying more.
Balance restoration in Auto Insurance
Last summer, Thomas Considine, then Commissioner of Banking and Insurance, had introduced a new regulated system to put a check on the increasing PIP fraud. Although this move was not welcomed by independent medical professionals, hospitals backed them, and different sections of society had mixed responses. When the changes were first introduced for consideration, some doctors’ associations had threatened that if their charges for pain treatments were limited, not many doctors would be interested in practicing in the state anymore, and this could worsen the problem for patients who need immediate care.
Acting Director of Insurance Peter Hartt also mentioned that the recent proposal had left nearly a thousand newly added price codes that enabled doctors to decide how much they could demand for the other forms of outpatient treatment. Hartt was also reported saying that the move was a substantial one, and was in the best interest of the people.
Considine reportedly quit his job last month to join a reputed health insurance company in NY. However, he still backed the initial proposal, and said that the reforms could control health care costs. When asked about any donations made to the Republican State Committee, he said that he had no idea regarding any such donation, and also that he was glad this did not come up while the changes were being chartered.
Insurer benefits
The changes proposed also directly control on the upper limit of the fees medical centers can charge for patients in the outpatient department. This was done in view of a case where a hospital in Secaucus sent medical bills to an insurance company that was inflated to well above 3000%.
When asked to comment, Bill Maer, spokesman for the Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center (the accused hospital) said that the facility has always believed in incorporating an equitable and fairly priced payment system. He, however, declined to comment on the recently introduced PIP plan.
A recent independent survey had showed that all automobile drivers in the state had paid an average of $1,101 in the year 2009. Regulators point out that PIP costs go up to nearly a quarter of this figure.
Auto Insurance Premiums – Survey Shows the Most Expensive US States
Similar to the way insurance rules are different for different states in the country, car insurance rates also vary depending on state regulations. Not only this, but insurance premiums also highly depend on driving conditions in a particular state. To give users and customers a better idea of the trend of prices in the auto insurance industry, Insure .com conducted a survey aimed at determining where in US auto insurance was most expensive. The company offers online insurance quotes, and had set standards for all states. Each state was ranked on the basis of insurance premium as well as the availability of customer-friendly plans.
As per the survey, Louisiana was ranked to be the number one state. The others to follow in line were Oklahoma and Michigan. The increased rate of automobile insurance in Louisiana can also be blamed on state regulations. Courts usually favor customers when insurance claims are filed, and this means paying off a high amount to the customer. The insurance companies compensate for their losses by driving up premiums, thus passing on the ultimate burden to the customers. Oklahoma as well as Michigan also faces the same scenario, and no wonder these states take the second and the third spot in the list respectively.
As opposed to common guesses, New York and Florida managed to stay away from the list this year. Experts had anticipated that the increased number of auto insurance fraud cases in both these states would have severely harmed the auto insurance industry in the state. However, the implementation of new laws and also the strict regulations in these states kept them from featuring among those states with the highest auto insurance premiums.
Michigan: Drivers to now pay $30 more for Auto Insurance
Starting July 1, 2012 motor vehicle drivers in Michigan will have to shell $30 more for their auto insurance costs. This was announced on March 16th by the state Catastrophic Claims Association.
Insurance premiums and auto insurance quotes online will see a significant 21% rise, and are now at $175. For those not aware, this amount is adjusted on a per year basis to cover the cost of claims registered under unlimited lifetime medical benefits. This is included in the no-fault automobile insurance law in Michigan.
The increase is applied to all policy holders in the state, and the breakup of the charges includes $141.93 for claims coverage and $32.72 for resolving the problem of long term fund deficiency. The remaining 35 cents is directed towards administrative expenses.
The Catastrophic Claims Association of Michigan said that this fund was used for settlement of claims that valued more than $500,000. As per records, the association paid about $927 million only in the year 2011 for claim settlements.
However, this step has not been taken by everyone, and a group that was in opposition to the proposal of setting limits on no-fault coverage called this move an ‘overtly political’ one. This was said in a statement it issued, and it said that the hike was only a way for them to build support for the proposed changes. The insurance industry supports the proposal, and their open support in this regard has only led others to believe that there is more to the changes than mere social harmony.
Does The Insurance Mandate Fall Within The Limits Of The Constitution? 
 Insurance Mandate Rewrite
The individual mandate will be challenged in the Supreme Court, along with three other issues, and they are all going to go before the U.S. justices for some serious review. The Obama administration will have to prove that the mandate is allowable under the Constitution. They will be arguing against 26 states and the National Federation of Independent Business.
Does The Insurance Mandate Fall Within The Limits Of The Constitution?
Team Obama says that necessitating that people purchase health insurance, along with a generous helping of income-related help, will sit squarely within the limits that the Constitution imposes on the federal government. The administration is arguing that it is revolving around free riders. People who don’t have health insurance will make the cost of it go up for everyone, and at some point, every single person will require access to health insurance. The opponents of this law argue that it could allow the government to force the purchase of anything.
What If the Insurance Mandate Is Struck Down?
If the insurance mandate is struck down, then the court will have to decide what is going to happen to the remaining portion of the health care law. The other parts of the law pertain to health care delivery and Medicare and Medicaid reforms. The Obama administration says that if the mandate gets struck down, then the law should still be there. However, they are arguing that the two requirements of letting everyone have health insurance, and the community rate, be dropped.
What Do The Opponents Say?
The opponents say that because the insurance mandate is unconstitutional, then the whole law should be struck down. There should be no keeping the law on the books at all. Senate Republican leaders are for this point of view. There are stringent and strident opponents against this law.
What Troubles Will the UK Face with Car Insurance? 
What Troubles Will the UK Face with Car Insurance?
Many drivers undertake car insurance coverage to protect themselves from financial burdens associated with road accidents. UK laws require all drivers to possess insurance coverage. However, UK drivers are in a precarious position in regard to insurance loopholes. Many under-insured motorists have ended up forking large amounts of cash towards unforeseen expenses. The amount has peaked to a total of 73 million pounds annually.
 Car Insurance in the UK
This predicament results from a loophole, which rears itself in the case of courtesy cars. Drivers who lack comprehensive policy coverage have had to cater to expenses of the courtesy cars. Most insurance firms seldom provide their clients with courtesy cars thereby swinging the loophole in their favor. Notwithstanding, undertaking insurance coverage would become worthless if the insured have to pay third parties in road calamities. Courtesy cars are effective in avoiding financial responsibility to third parties.
Troubles with UK Car Insurance
The trouble with UK car insurance scheme is its imbalance in favor of the insurance firms. For instance, the companies can decline to give compensation when they feel that there is negligence involved. Loss of car keys or theft of vehicles may rank as negligence. Another trouble bedeviling the UK car insurance covers is the incessant increase in premiums. Stakeholders have attributed these increments to the shop around prices of the comprehensive policy covers. The amount has risen to 971 pounds. The situation got dire after the European Court of Justice barred using gender as a standard for setting premiums. This means that women will have to pay just as much for insurance covers as of December 2012.
Americans with Disabilities, Protected from High Auto Insurance Quotes 
 Americans with Disabilities are Protected from Higher Auto Insurance Quotes
The Americans with Disabilities Act: Guaranteed Protection guarantees insurance companies cannot discriminate just because a person has a disability. An insurance company cannot just charge someone with a disability more for a policy. They have to prove the disability can cause this person to become a higher risk for accidents. If they cannot prove it they cannot charge more for the policy. It is that simple, so shop around for auto insurance quotes.
Auto Insurance Quotes
However, insurance companies can charge more for someone that has a disability with a proven record of causing an accident. A few of these conditions are heart problems, diabetes, and epilepsy. Although the medical condition itself would not cause accidents, the possibility of a diabetic experiencing severe symptoms could put the driver in danger of having an accident. The same would hold true for some heart conditions and someone with epilepsy. Those that suffer from epilepsy may even face a certain period of time where they must be seizure free before a policy could be issued. In this case be sure to shop around for auto insurance quotes so you can get the lowest cost policy available for you, but also keep medical records at hand.
Insurance Company, Auto Insurance Quotes
It is important to inform your insurance company if you are diagnosed with a medical condition that could affect your driving ability. If you do not tell them and you have an accident, your claims may be invalid and they will not pay. If your vehicle has to be modified for a disability, with hand controls or lifts, that will increase your insurance rate because the vehicle is worth more money and would cost more to replace should an accident happen. In that case it is not the actual disability that raises the rate but rather the expensive modifications.
Shop around for different auto insurance quotes and be sure to be upfront and honest about any medical conditions or disabilities and you will find a policy to covers you and your needs. So, while the ADA protects Americans with disabilities from discrimination from insurance companies, the fact is that Americans with disabilities do in fact have to pay more than other drivers.
Obama’s Healthcare in the Supreme Court 
 Obama’s Healthcare in the Supreme Court
On Thursday, The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear challenges to the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which was signed by the president and passed by Congress back in March of last year. The hearing is tentatively scheduled but may be moved at the discretion of the justices. A recent count of states that have sued regarding this legislation is now up to twenty-six.
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
The aspect of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that has caused so much controversy is the provision in which all Americans will be legally required to be covered by insurance by the year 2014. The argument that is most brought up is that Congress is far exceeding their powers to regulate commerce with this mandate.
Supreme Court and Health Insurance
According to an article published in the WSJ, “Millions of people will lose the coverage that they have now”.
More detailed information regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Supreme Court may be viewed at
Health Insurance Changes – What You Can Expect This Year 
 Health Insurance Changes – What You Can Expect This Year
Due to the Affordable Health Care Act passed in 2010, many employers have had to make changes in their health insurance plans, including making insurance coverage available to children up to 26 years of age.  But as health premiums increase for employers, the employers are raising the percentage of the premiums the employees pay.  To keep their costs low, some employers are choosing to offer employees plans with higher deductible and out-of-pocket rates.
Out of Pocket
However, employers realize that raising out-of-pocket and deductible rates could backfire by preventing employees from seeking medical care in the early stages of an illness.  This would end up costing the company more in the long run in both time lost and money.
More and more employers are offering health savings accounts.  The employee decides how much he/she wants to contribute to the savings account per year.  That amount is deducted from wages before taxes, reducing the amount of taxes the employees pay.
Health Plans
Some employers are offering plans that either eliminate or reduce the co-pay for preventative care.  This means that annual physicals are covered 100 percent.  They are also offering wellness benefits for participating in such things as smoking cessation programs and weight loss programs.
The insurance coverage for prescription drugs is changing also.  Prescription coverage is now normally in a tiered system, with various co-pays for each tier depending on the drugs.  Some companies are refusing to cover name-brand drugs when a generic is available.
They are also utilizing step therapy.  This program requires the doctor to prescribe a lower-cost drug before a drug that costs more. If you are currently on a drug and are switching insurance plans, you may run into trouble getting your drug if a lower-cost one is available.
Life Insurance a Necessity for Family 
 Life Insurance a Necessity for Family
Life insurance today is a necessity with the average cost of a funeral coming in close to $13,000 and that is on the low side. It’s a cost you don’t want to saddle your family with after you’re gone.
Determining how much life insurance you need, and whether you should purchase a term or whole life policy are the main decisions you must tackle. The answers will vary, depending on your life-stage and with whom you talk.
Life Insurance Policy
Before you purchase any life insurance policy, you should have an idea of what you need. While insurance agents are very knowledgeable, don’t forget that they are in a business and the more insurance they sell you, the more they get paid.
One rule of thumb used to determine how much life insurance you need is to multiply your annual income by 17. You could also used an online life insurance calculator, or determine the amount by answering these questions:
– How old are you?
– What is your annual net income?
– How many children and their ages?
– How many years until you retire?
– Will you need extra money for daycare if you died? How long? How much per year?
– How much savings do you have?
The easy calculation would be to take your annual income and multiply it by how many years after your death your family would require it. If you have no children, or have older children, the daycare won’t matter. Otherwise, add yearly daycare costs to your annual income for however many years you will need it. Then add in the 3 percent annual inflation and subtract your savings. That should give you a ballpark figure.
Looking to Cut Expenses? Check on Your Car Insurance 
 With the economy still sagging, people are trying to cut costs as much as possible.  One thing many don’t think of looking at is their auto insurance.  Even without changing companies, you may be able to save yourself a considerable amount of money.
One thing you can do is look at your deductible.  If your deductible is low, increasing it can lower your cost by 15 to 30 percent.  The more you increase your deductible, the more money you will save.  One note of caution.  Be sure you have enough money set aside to pay the deductible should you have a claim.
Do you have an older car?  It’s possible that you could drop your collision and/or comprehensive coverage.  Find out your vehicle’s worth and make a determination.  If your car is worth $1000 and your deductible is $1000, you may as well drop that coverage and save money.
Check with your insurer to see if they offer any discounts you would be eligible for.  Some companies offer low mileage discounts if you don’t put many miles on your car each year.  They may have discounts for drivers who haven’t had a claim or any moving violations for a number of years.   Also inquire about discounts for driver training courses, anti-theft devices, multi-car discounts, and students with good grades discounts.
If your company doesn’t offer any discounts, you may want to shop around.  With only a little effort, you may be able to save yourself a great deal of cash.
How Does Obama's Healthcare Hold up in Debates? 
 “If you like your health plan, you can keep it” and “It will not add one penny to the deficit.” These are the two major claims that President Obama made during the health care debate.
McKinsey&Co., a global management consulting firm founded in Chicago in 1926 by James O McKinsey. With about 9,000 consultants in 56 countries, the firm serves as an adviser to businesses, governments and institutions. Two weeks ago the company released a survey that claimed that once fully implemented in 2014, the health care reform law will drive a third of the private-sector employers to drop or restructure their companies’ health care benefits. With these findings the survey destroyed the claims that President Obama had made.
President Obama and his followers were very upset with the results of the McKinsey’s survey: Nancy-Ann DeParle deputy chief of staff for policy said the results were lies and that those who were questioned did not understand the healthcare plan. Max Baucus, Senator for Montana, wrote a threatening letter demanding that the firm reveal how they conducted the survey, and Paul Krugman of the New York Times, accused McKinsey of not using real data.
To answer the charges McKinsey posted not only the 29 pages of the survey questions but also the 206 pages of cross-tabulations. It seems that some of the answers in the survey are even more damaging to Obama’s health care plan. Not only the survey used real data but it was data collected from 1,329 employers from 48 states excluding North Dakota and Vermont. The participants not only represented every industry but were the type of well informed people, owners and executives that will be making employer health insurance benefit decisions in 2014.
The 206 pages of cross-tabulations showed that 58 percent of the participants said that they would definitely or more than likely drop their employees’ health care plans. Sixteen percent said that they will keep the plan, and 30 percent were undecided.
The results of the survey show that 30 percent and not 7 percent, as predicted by the Congressional Budget Office, will drop their employees’ healthcare plans raising the price tag by almost a million dollars. The conclusion of the McKinsey survey is very clear: The cost of Obama’s plan cost beyond our means and the program should be repealed.
Cheap Insurance for Summer Travel Plans 
 Cheap Insurance for Summer Travel Plans
More and more families are planning vacations for this summer, despite the still-recovering economy.  Travel planners have some great tips for people wanting to take a vacation on a budget.  One of the first things is to forgo flying and hop in the car instead. Gas prices are currently dropping, making it more economical to drive to your destination rather than flying.
Going through a travel agent may also get you additional bargains not offered otherwise.  When it comes to hotel rooms, you may be able to get the price bumped down if you forgo getting maid service every day, or even at all.  For a three or four night trip, this could save you enough for an extra night.
Also, plan a budget for the trip and stick as close to it as you can.  Make sure you include things like snacks and souvenirs, as well as putting some aside for extra stuff you may have forgotten about
Cheap Insurance
When booking out of town travel, specifically travel to other countries, the question is often raised to get travel insurance or not. The coverage is there for any kind of traveler from student trips to cruise travel and considering that most domestic insurance doesn’t cover out of country incidents, there really should be no question. Travel insurance covers several different risks that most travelers don’t even consider and because of that, travel insurance can be considered cheap insurance because of the potential financial loss to these risks.
Travel Insurance
Travel insurance not only covers medical and dental expenditures while coverage is in effect, but also offers legal assistance, AD&D benefits, trip cancellations and even covers overnight costs if you miss a plane or the plane is delayed. Opting for travel insurance, even if it isn’t cheap insurance when factoring in expenses for the vacation, remember to factor in the potential risk of events like a medical emergency or theft of a passport. These are expenses, that if paid for out of pocket, can cost far more than the premium for travel insurance to cover the duration of a trip.
Umberella –ella-ella Insurance 
 Umbrella insurance is becoming a term that we are hearing more and more often, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. This type of insurance policy covers those that may be liable to get sued.
Umbrella Insurance
Insurance agents recommend that umbrella insurance policies be purchased by most small business or other jobs that put you at high risk.
If your company, for instance, has a lot of guests this raises the risk of injury, making you an excellent candidate for umbrella insurance.  Many auto and home insurance policies carry a type of umbrella insurance, but usually only cover the minimum amount required.
Umbrella insurance policies aren’t very expensive either, usually only costing between $200 and $500 a year for a one million dollar policy.  If you think this is something that is necessary for your business, or will benefit you, contact your insurance agent to inquire about costs and adding it to your policy.
Insurance Company Raises prices after Tornadoes 
 Insurance giant Allstate has recently raised its prices on residential coverage after failing to meet budget goals.  One of the primary reasons for this is due to the unheard of amount of tornadoes that ravaged the Midwest and South in April and May, as well as the ones that hit Massachusetts yesterday.
While tornadoes are common during the late spring and summer months in the southern part of the country and parts of the Midwest, this year has caused particularly strong amount of devastation, leveling entire towns in a matter of seconds.  Hundreds of people were killed and even more wounded in these storms, and the value of the damage is in the billions.
It will take years to clean everything up, and while insurance covers part of the cost, there is a lot that will not be covered by this money.  It is fairly certain that things in the places that were hit hardest will never be the same as they once were.
House Insurance Surge 
 Insurance companies are seeing a recent surge in the purchase and upgrade of homeowner’s insurance after recent storms ravaged the Midwest and Southeastern United States.
Many people who never had insurance before, or may not have had all the coverage that they need have found themselves purchasing more coverage than ever before.
Tornadoes are unpredictable, and may even strike the same location twice, much to the misfortune of homeowners.  This is even more of a reason to make sure your homeowner’s insurance is up to date and provides all of the coverage you need.  You never know when you will need it.
________________________________________ Revising the Budget with Online Insurance Quotes 
Online Insurance Quotes
With continually disappointing job figures and rising costs of gas and food, the common household budget has to be revised on nearly a monthly basis. There are only so many cuts that can be made and many of those cuts have to be strategically done. One of the best ways to get a few more dollars per month is to revise the insurance budget. If you are on a month to month insurance policy, at the end of your current policy or thinking about changing car insurance during policy, then you’ve most likely already taken a look at online insurance quotes.
If you find it a bit unfair that you are being charged money for an inflated insurance policy when you should be receiving discounts, then by all means keep paying the insurance companies. However, if you find it incredibly annoying that you are responsible for reminding some insurance companies about discounts that by their terms you are owed, then that is something that you may have to get used to. Companies simply don’t have to tell you about discounts.
Of course, the smart companies recognize that automatically applying discounts is a fantastic customer service tactic. Other companies do have a fair excuse though and some of those are insurance companies; they simply don’t have the software to monitor every different variable that is factored into a complex pricing structure. Eventually, maybe all companies will invest in it, but for some that would mean losing millions of dollars if over-pricing.
If you happen to be someone that gets a glazed over look when car insurance policies are explained then no worries, this is just a really simple way to find out if you have the most affordable car insurance policies for your needs. Always check on competing insurance policy quotes and always call in when there is a change in circumstances that will modify the premium price.
Cheap Auto Insurance
Cheap car insurance is becoming more available simply because there is so much competition in the market and it has become nearly totally automated online. The one thing that isn’t automated is changes to your policy. For instance, if you have recently turned 35, your insurance company may offer a discount however, that discount may not be applied automatically. If your driving record has finally dropped some entries like old speeding tickets, the price for your policy can lower, but once again, you may have to contact your insurance company to handle that.
The only completely automated service for car insurance is the process of finding quotes for auto insurance, comparing those and being automatically directed to a the insurance company where your application can be filled out and approved in under an hour.
Insurance Quotes Online
Discounts are a great way to save on insurance, but checking on car insurance quotes regularly and comparing current prices to your policy is a great way to save several hundred dollars a year. Generally, investigating quotes for auto insurance can reveal prices that aren’t often advertised. It is important to keep in mind what type of coverage is being offered though. If you currently have full coverage for your vehicle and are comparing to a liability only insurance policy, then the savings are going to look amazing. Just verify that the prices you are looking at are for the exact insurance policy that you require.
So, if you are OK with paying more than you have to instead of having a few extra dollars a month for food or maybe even a trip to the beach, then don’t look into your insurance policy. On the other hand, it might only take up to an hour to sort things out with your insurance company and find some great discounts or even lower prices with online insurance quotes. Take advantage of the increase in competition in the car insurance market; it could mean hundreds of dollars a year for you.
Quotes for Car Insurance and Pet Insurance from the Same Provider 
 Quotes for Car Insurance
If you are a car owner and a pet owner and looking for quotes for car insurance, then Nationwide provides both car insurance and pet insurance all in one place. Nationwide’s pet health insurance covers several pet health needs and reduces the costs for expensive procedures should your dog or cat requires surgery.
Pet Health Insurance
It can be an unfortunate decision to have to make between getting your pet the care it needs to live and the cost of a procedure. This often puts a dollar limit on the life of your beloved pet and that’s not a choice anyone wants to make. That’s why pet insurance can be a valuable protection for your cat or dog.
Insurance Quotes Car Insurance
If you are looking for insurance quotes, car insurance quotes and own a pet, then you may want to take a look at Nationwide to cover both. Nationwide customers can receive a 5% discount on insurance for their pet through the Nationwide Insurance Company, VPI Pet insurance.
________________________________________ Auto Insurance Coverage for Travelers 
 Every traveler has a list of interesting places to visit. Beaches, mountains, amusement parks and malls are on their itinerary. Those who are truly adventurous, loves nature and a laid back life without the pollution of busy streets, they would rather go to the mountainside to do mountain climbing.  A lot of these places are historic sites or full of geological wonders that can be reached only by cars. Luckily, there are rental firms in every state that provide cars of all types for tourists to take around them around the area.
But before traveling, there are many things to consider like expenses for each travel plan,  the price of the rented vehicle and if it follows state auto insurance in that place.  A state auto insurance policy is an added protection, which is the focal point to look for in an insurance package. There is Collision Damage Waiver or CDW which covers insurance on rented cars in case of accident or theft. Additional fees are computed and added depending on the mileage used during the travel, local taxes, use of fuel and drop off charges.   Take these concerns into consideration and you will have worry free travel.
Time to Look at Your Car Insurance 
 Time to Look at Your Car Insurance
Check the Tire Pressure, Check Your Car Insurance Policy
Peace of mind on the road comes in an assortment of safety features air bags, anti-lock brakes, reinforced frames and now collision detection warnings. Then there’s the maintenance that is done monthly like checking air pressure, making sure all of the lights and signals are working.
Lapsed Insurance
All of this can give a driver peace of mind, but one of the most important things to remember to check is your car insurance. No matter what safety features and maintenance that is performed, lapsed insurance or even insurance that doesn’t have enough coverage can wipe out any sense of security when driving a vehicle.
Insurance Quotes
Make sure to look into your insurance policy at least every spring. Others may re-evaluate their coverage every six months, but an annual re-revaluation should not be passed up. By creating a schedule to check your insurance coverage, you can potentially save hundreds or more a year.
________________________________________ Seeking Individual Health Insurance 
 You are not alone if you have lost benefits from your employer.  Seeking out individual health insurance has become a trending news item because of reasons such as work reduction, terminations, self-employment and the slow job market.
Individual Health Insurance
Finding private, individual health insurance is not as difficult as it may seem.  You don’t have to posses a special degree, but it may take some deciphering skills.
Insurance Policy
If you are looking for an individual health insurance policy; the name is a bit misleading.  Individual health insurance also applies to your family.  Over the next two years and before the health insurance exchanges start popping up, you will want to protect yourself and your family from unexpected medical emergencies.  There are a few things that you can look into.  Check out temporary health insurance.  This is an insurance that can buy you some time if you are in between jobs or need a little more time to decide on what insurance to buy.
Cheap Health Insurance
Individual health insurance doesn’t have to be expensive, some factors will determine the premiums, but there are several affordable plans out there.  What you are looking for is good coverage, low deductible, low copayments and try to get a preventative health care plan as well.  Keep in mind that the higher the deductible, the lower your monthly premiums will be, in most cases.  Finding the best health insurance is going to take an immense amount of patience as it can be highly frustrating.  Take your time, research your options, find out as much as you can about what benefits the company is offering and compare premiums!
Auto Insurance Fraud, Easy to be a Victim 
 There are more than a few people out there that can’t afford their car payments, are desperate to make money and are all paid up on their insurance.  Now, if that person were a criminal that could be a very costly combination for the next person they decide to lure into an accident.  Auto insurance fraud is on the rise and stopping it can be problematic because police and insurance companies are going up against highly organized and professional criminals that have detailed plans and tactics.  Florida is a state that is a prime candidate because it holds three of the main factors that make it appealing to the criminal; elderly drivers, more female drivers and the state has a no fault policy.
There are a few things that you can do to protect yourself from fraudulent accidents.  Leave at least three car lengths between you and the person in front of you.  By doing so, you can halt at least one of the types of commonly staged auto collisions.  If you are in an accident, make sure to have the police on scene immediately, call your insurance company and take notes and pictures.  Also try to locate any cooperative witnesses.  If you think that you are being defrauded make sure to tell the investigating officer and your insurance company.
Long Term Health Care Insurance Increase 
 As of April 14th of this year there have been twenty-five states that have stated more than a 10 percent increase in the amount of residents that have long term care insurance. In the state of Alaska the numbers increased by a whopping 130 percent over the amount of people covered last year.
Long Term Health Insurance
Long term care insurance covers what is not typically covered by regular insurance policies. That could include but is not limited to, daily assistance and assisted living facilities. A great thing about long tem care policies is that there is flexibility in what it will cover depending on the needs of the individuals.
Rates Vary
These rates vary on what services you would like, what is definitely needed, age and so forth. This is a great option for elderly people and people who need assistance with daily activities.
________________________________________ States With the Highest Rates for Auto Insurance 
 There are studies done all the time to rank the states in order for things from violence and traffic to depression and happiness.  In following with this trend, a study has recently been conducted as to which states have the highest car insurance rates, as well as which states had the lowest.  The state that tops the list may surprise some people; Louisiana with an average of $2500!  Rounding out the top five are Michigan ($2100), Montana ($1850) Oklahoma ($1800), and California($1700).  Despite all of the traffic they have, New York was not on the list, but then again, most people walk or take a cab.
The states that have the lowest average premiums are states you don’t hear a lot about to begin with: New Hampshire ($1011), Wisconsin ($1010), Ohio ($1000), and Vermont ($970).  The state with the lowest average premium is another state in New England, Maine ($900).  This just means that drivers where the premiums are higher may be more aware of their surroundings and conscientious of other drivers, in order to avoid getting their premium raised!
Spring Cleaning for Your Car Insurance 
 It’s spring time again, and in addition to beautiful weather and gorgeous flowers, for many that means preparing for an onslaught of thunderstorms and tornadoes.  This is a perfect time to review your car insurance policy to see what all is covered.
Many people don’t think about the damage storms can do to their vehicles, and find out all too late that it isn’t covered in their policy.  There has been a recent surge from buyers in the south and Midwest upgrading their policies to include hail damage, and for good reason.  So far in 2011 there have already been thousands of claims as a result of hail damage, in addition to vehicles being damaged by debris kicked up by the wind and falling trees and tree limbs.
It is not uncommon in some of these areas to be bombarded with hail the size of golf balls, with some cities reporting baseball sized hail during some of the larger, more deadly storms.
Click Car Insurance Quotes 
 Getting car insurance quotes online is a click away, but quotes aren’t the only thing that should be compared when searching for car insurance.  Some insurance companies like Farmers don’t even offer quotes online, but the other top insurance companies do.  Liberty Mutual, Progressive, State Farm, Allstate, Geico and Nationwide all offer quotes online but only and all but Liberty Mutual and Farmers are available 24/7 by phone.  All of these top insurance companies accept online payments by credit cards and installments as well as allow reporting claims online or over the phone.
When you are looking for car insurance quotes you may also want to see if you can bundle other insurance for a discount.  Many of the aforementioned insurance companies also provide other types of insurance.  All of the top insurance companies provide both life and home insurance, but only Progressive, State Farm and Nationwide offer Health Insurance.  All of them offer Umbrella and travel insurance, but only one covers Segway insurance.
Also take a look at the ratings for the car insurance companies that are you interested in.  JD Power has a National Insurance Study PDF available here.
Free Online Car Insurance Quotes Makes the Difference in Finding Cheap Car Insurance 
 Cheap car insurance is something that ever legal driver needs to have. The decision on which company to go with or which policy to choose is strictly up to the consumer. One thing to remember is that every person is different and requires different things from their insurance company.
Cheap Car Insurance
There are a few factors that come into play when purchasing cheap car insurance, how many people is the policy for, how many vehicles, and what sort of coverage is either needed or desired. Some vehicles may require full coverage while others do not, but some people might just want full coverage to be fully protected. The rates on policies do vary depending on what sort of coverage is needed, of course.
Cheap insurance quotes
If someone is sort of strapped for cash, there are general insurance policies which provide minimal coverage, but enable the purchaser to drive legally. This is always an option until ones financial situation changes, also shopping around for cheap insurance quotes from the different insurance companies is not a bad idea either.
There are so many car insurance companies nationwide; knowing which one is the right one is really up to the consumer. Some people may find that they are more comfortable dealing with people one on one, while others may find it better doing things online. It all really comes down to personal preference.
Free Online Car Insurance Quotes
There is a top ten list out though for the best insurance companies, the list goes like this: Geico, Esurance, Liberty Mutual, State Farm, Allstate, Progressive, AAA, 21st Century, Nationwide, and American Family. If you are a first time purchaser or looking to find free online car insurance quotes, possibly checking out one on this list will ensure happiness. Some people may prefer and independent agent, that is completely fine also.
The most important thing is to feel comfortable with the decision you make, and also feel that you are getting the best deal for your money. The whole point of insurance is to keep you and your loved ones protected! That is always top priority and then everything else falls into place.
Reasons Why Car Insurance Rates Go Up 
 At some point every person that has car insurance will experience the rate fluctuating. More often than not, when the rate fluctuates, it goes up rather than down. There are actually many factors that cause this to happen.
Age has a big thing to do with insurance rates. Any driver under the age of 25 is still considered a high risk driver due to the fact that they are the newest drivers on the road. Statistics have shown that drivers 25 and younger are at higher risk to get into accidents. Gender also has an affect on insurance rates, woman are known to be much safer drivers than men.
Marital status will also affect insurance rates –if you take one single person and one married person and they have identical driving records, the person who is single will pay more money. Another factor that affects rates is where the individual lives, if they live in a city rates will be higher than they would be if they lived out in the open country. Of course driving habits will also affect rates greatly – people who have a lot of tickets and/or violations will pay more money as well.
________________________________________ is Individual or Work Plan Better? 
 One of the last things that people think of is dental insurance and whether or not they should purchase it. Though your dental issues may seem minor and have in the past you never know when something can flare up in the blink of an eye. One thing that people have issues deciding on is whether or not they should look for the insurance themselves or through the company that they work for if it is offered.
Though it seems like a dream that your company that you work for offers dental insurance many times there are stipulations to qualify. You usually need to work a certain amount of hours a week and maintain that for the insurance to cover you and even your family. The insurance cost will also be taken out of your paycheck as well but it does take the time out of having to look through all of the different options out there.
Sometimes shopping around is the best way to find the dental insurance that fits for you. By looking around at the different possibilities you may be able to find an insurance that fits you, your lifestyle, and your needs than what your job can offer. It’s important to remember to look at what it is going to cost but also the plans and coverage for specific procedures you may know you will need at one point or another.
Cheapest Insurance Does not Mean Poor Benefits 
 Finding the best price for everything is at the top of every American’s list. When it comes to finding the cheapest insurance it is a little more difficult because there are so many different options. Cheap is easy to find, but it is important to make sure to maintain a high standard of benefits.
It is a common misconception that the cheapest insurance will have the worst benefits. While that may be true in some cases, it is always a good idea to look through the best option benefits and how much they will cost at different companies.
Many companies will lower insurance costs if the policies are combined. By purchasing both auto and home with one insurance company the policyholder may receive the cheapest insurance for both of the items covered because of bundle discounts. If looking for quality coverage at a low price, it may be wise to not choose the cheapest insurance, but the insurance that best covers one’s situation.
Finding Cheap Insurance Online 
 Buying cheap insurance online has become increasingly easy in the past ten years. Now almost every insurance company offers not only online quotes, but the chance to purchase those policies online. This makes is much easier for customers to access the different types of policies available.
There are also many different and easy ways to compare insurance online when trying to find the best quote. Some of the insurance websites will allow users to see the different quotes other companies offer. There are also third party websites that show comparison numbers.
There are a few things to remember when considering buying insurance online. Always have a driver’s license available as well as the vehicle identification number, if looking for auto insurance online. In order to save time try to find a website that offers the most amount of policy quotes at one time, this way the lowest price can be found even faster.
Auto Insurance The Impact of a DUI 
 A recent study has been done to look into the financial impacts of a DUI. It is already known that a DUI or similar offense will significantly increase insurance rates. The study looked into how much of an increase is normally seen and what factors contribute to the cost.
The study was done using auto insurance rates for the state of California. By using a online insurance quote comparison site, a wide range of numbers were found and an average was taken. Different circumstances surrounding a DUI as well as the age impacted the increase in coverage costs.
In some cases yearly premiums increased by hundreds of dollars, and in others the increase was in the thousand dollar range. It was found that age is also a contributing factor, with 35 year old DUI drivers having premiums that were more than 60 percent less than a 19 year old driver. More serious DUI offense, especially those including injuries, also contributed more to high prices.
Travel Insurance for International Travel 
 When looking to go on a vacation it is always best to be prepared for every situation. There have been many travelers who get to their destination only to learn that their bags have been lost. The purchase of travel insurance would cover all of these costs.
Travel insurance can be used to cover tickets that are purchased, in the case of a plane flight being cancelled and a hotel reservation being missed. There are different types of insurance that can be purchased for vacations. Some of them cover the items that one is traveling with, while others provide compensation for missed traveling dates.
When going on an international vacation it is always a good idea to purchase travel insurance. Many of the policies will help cover international health care costs that may be incurred. Many health care policies do not cover procedures in other countries, this is one of the places travel insurance would be very helpful.
Health Insurance Without Bankruptcy 
 One of the highest costs that a family will incur overtime is the cost of health insurance. Those families who are not able to purchase health  insurance may actually go into debt because of medical emergencies. These are some of the reasons that the Obama administration pushed as hard as they did with  the health care reform act.
The act was signed by the President over a year ago and many of the effects of the new law have still not taken place. Many of the states are trying to petition for waivers that will enable them a 3 year grace period. Maine is one of the first to have been granted this three year waiver.
The law is aimed at providing more affordable health insurance to those who do not receive it through work, or are not financially able to pay for it. Much of the law is aimed at helping small businesses be able to financially provide health insurance to their employees.
Insurance Industry is Showing Employment Growth 
 The insurance industry has continued to grow and is expected to increase 14.1% over the next seven years. The most employment growth will be seen in insurance sales agents as well as an 8.4% increase over the next seven years in insurance administration and support services. Currently, there are an estimated 322,000 people working as insurance sales agents.
Insurance Industry
Demand in the insurance industry is expected to continue to grow over the long term as the demand for insurance is expected to rise. The insurance industry is currently in a state of rebuilding after suffering considerable losses due to the recent financial crisis. This rebuilding period has seen some downsizing, restructuring and consolidation however; new technologies and insurance marketing are reducing costs and increasing profits. The financial crisis has also created a booming industry for small business insurance as new businesses are emerging faster than ever before. This boom is directly connected to the ease of building a thriving business online.
Population growth is also another factor that is being considered. With more people, the demand for auto insurance, home insurance and life insurance will increase. While the internet is becoming a more relied upon tool for insurance marketing, it may have some adverse effects. More people are turning to the internet to purchase their insurance which could potentially reduce the need for insurance sales agents.
Technically capable insurance agents may find a haven for their business in marketing their services online. The internet and improving technologies are making insurance sales more efficient, but people are still looking for excellent customer service. Agents that are technically competent and familiar with online marketing can now provide all of the services that they have in the past and still provide great customer service.
Agents Specializing in Auto Insurance
Agents that specialize only in auto insurance could possibly see the biggest decline in employment. Because of the simplicity of auto insurance, most policies can be handled in an almost automatic fashion. Insurance agents may want to diversify and sell a broader range of types of insurance.
Growth in the industry will not be rapid, but this news does offer a direction for students and unemployed workers that are looking for the next industry to study for. The insurance industry has been notorious for the difficulty to get into it. The training and education can be incredibly stressful, but the payout can be significant. More information regarding education and training for the insurance industry can be obtained at The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research website.
Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Career Guide to Industries, 2010-11 Edition, Insurance, on the Internet at 
Finding Cheaper Car Insurance
One of the highest, yet most necessary monthly expenses is car insurance. It is a cost that cannot be avoided and is often pretty costly for many Americans. It is hard to look for ways to find cheaper car insurance.
One of the ways to look for cheaper car insurance is by shopping around and seeing what other car insurance companies have to offer. Each company uses a specific set of standards to measure their potential policy costs by. Depending on one’s financial background and credit, a company may offer a lower quote.
Finding cheaper car insurance is easy when looking at a comparison site. In many cases the user only has to type in the car and driver information one time and the site will generate a number of different quotes from different companies. This way the user can see all of the quotes and pick the least expensive.
________________________________________ Auto Insurance 
 There different aspects that are considered when a company provides a quote for auto insurance. One of the main considerations taken into account is the driver’s history and record. Drivers with a clean record showing no speeding tickets or accidents will get the lowest rates.
Auto Insurance
This is not the only factor taken into consideration. Another large factor that is looked at is the driver’s credit history and credit rating. Many companies will decide how much a monthly payment is based on the credit history. Know ones credit score before looking into purchasing auto insurance.
Insure Your Car
One of the most important factors is the type of car looking to be insured. While a more recent model will have higher safety features it is also likely to cost more to replace. Older models usually have lower auto insurance rates because it would cost the company less to pay for in the chance of an accident.
Drivers with No Insurance
There has been a recent increase in drivers with no insurance. Â While many may think that not paying a monthly premium is saving money, it really only costs more in the long run. Â Your car can be impounded, heavy fines imposed and in some cases jail time could follow. Â There are a number of discount insurers available and several policy options available.
________________________________________ Life Insurance 
 When it comes to life insurance, many people tune out the advertisments they see because it is not required. While home and auto insurance are required by law, life insurance seems to be a luxury cost for some people. What these people do not realize is that life insurance is a purchase of security for their families.
While there is never a lot of mention of what will happen if tradgedy strikes and a family member dies, it should be talked about more. Many families are put into serious financial hardships when the breadwinner passes away. Wives who are not used to working usually will have to jump back into the work force and may be unprepared.
Life insurance provides a blanket of financial security for families. It can be used to pay off mortgages, or uphold a standard of living that one is used to. There are many different types of life insurance and most of them are more affordable than one may think.
Even if times are bad, Americans need to continue to count on life insurance. Â There are many policies available that are affordable and can cover certain expenses that would only burden surviving members. Â It is not a light or happy topic for sure, but it is definitely one that merits consideration.
Insurance Quotes are a Click Away 
 Getting an insurance quote is no longer a difficult task, thanks to the internet. When one used to have to visit, or call into a insurance company, with the internet, a insurance quote is a click away. There are many websites dedicated to providing a quick way to look at and purchase insurance.
These websites will ask the user to complete a short survey and will then generate the estimated quotes from each company. Many of the websites will then direct you to that company to get a direct insurance quote from them. These sites let policy purchasers get a glimpse of the options different companies offer.
Some people still prefer the face to face meeting when it comes to getting an insurance quote and choosing a carrier. If that is the case, most insurance companies have local offices where quotes and specifics can be obtained, however this process may take a lot longer.
Considering Travel Insurance 
 Traveling, while usually fun and enjoyable, can also sometimes be stressful and a hassle. Some of the associated anxiety can be relieved by purchasing travel insurance for the next trip. It is especially wise for those who plan on traveling outside of the country to purchase this insurance, as most health care plans are not international.
Travel insurance is considered short term insurance and can cover a variety of unexpected travel costs and emergencies that can happen time to time. Some of the costs that can be covered include medical expenses when traveling internationally, as well as the cancellation of a trip.
Some travel insurance will also cover the loss of baggage and its contents as well as any possessions that may be lost or stolen over the duration of the trip. Much like any other insurance, all of these require a claim in order to be compensated for. When it comes to lost items due to theft, it is usually required to have a police report.
The real gamble is in not getting the insurance. Â Most policies are reasonably priced considering the cost of medical bills or the value of recovering lost property. Â If you are travelling this year, then seriously consider travel insurance.
Health Insurance Companies Worried 
 One of the items that the Obama Administration put high up on their to-do list upon entering the White House was improving the health care industry. One of the parts of their reform was making health insurance more easily accessed for the general American public.
While the bill will not be completely established until 2014, many health insurance companies are already worried about the effect the law will have on them. Some states are going as far as to apply for waivers that will allow them to hold off on parts of the bill for an additional three years. One of the beneficial parts of the bill is the beginning of health insurance exchanges.
These exchanges will hopefully help provide Americans with a way to compare health insurance and find coverage that is affordable and fits their needs. Many states are already working at establishing these exchanges by holding conferences and meetings with those involved.
Cheapest Insurance, Gas and Groceries 
 These days everyone is trying to find the cheapest version of everything. The cheapest groceries, the cheapest gas and especially the cheapest insurance. While the idea of finding the cheapest of everything is a great one, it is easier talked about than actually applied.
Finding the cheapest insurance for example takes some research. There are many different insurance companies out there offering the same services at a variety of costs. What makes one service less expensive than the other, and is the difference in coverage worth the money saved in cost.
Sometimes the lowest cost insurance policy is not necessarily the best insurance. It is important that when looking for insurance, the financial aspect is also compared to the amount of coverage one receives in the event of an emergency. An easy way to find the low cost insurance is by doing a side by side comparison of the different products and services available.
Compare Insurance for Better Budgets 
 One of the best ways to save money on car, home and life insurance is by shopping around to the different companies that provide it. By taking the time to compare insurance options, it is more likely that the lowest cost and highest coverage will be found. This can be quickly done by accessing a website that offers to compare insurance from a multitude of providers all at one time. 
Many times, if already insured by a certain company, doing a cost comparison with other companies may help with lowering rates. After comparing insurance, approach one’s current agent with the amount that one would save if they switched companies. In the past certain insurance companies have lowered rates in a hope that the policy holder would stay with their company instead of switching to another. 
Insurance is usually a pretty high expense and finding the lowest possible rate through comparison is always a good idea when one wants to save money. 
Cheap Insurance Online Auto Insurance Quote 
Insurance Online
Buying any type of insurance is never the most enjoyable time. For a while people had to physically go into an insurance office, or call over the phone to receive a quote. The insurance industry has come a long way since then, and while many companies still offer over the phone or in office quotes, that is no longer the most efficient way.
Buying insurance online has made the process easier for both the individuals looking for insurance as well as the companies. Many online sites allow people to compare insurance online as well as purchase it from different companies.
One of the first companies to allow the purchase of their insurance products over the internet was Progressive. Since then, almost every insurance company provides potential policyholders with the option to get a quote and purchase insurance, as well as options for paying monthly premiums and changing coverage online as well.
Cheaper Car Insurance
Saving money is a hot topic among families and individuals across the United States. For many people who have lost jobs or received pay cuts it is a choice of which bill to pay late this month. Part of the financial stress can be taken away if they are able to find cheaper car insurance.
Cheaper car insurance is available out there; it is just a matter of doing the research and acting on the results that are found. Many car insurance companies provide a comparison between themselves and their competitors.
It is a good idea to occasionally receive quotes from other car insurance companies when trying to find the best deal out there. A good way to do this is by having a third party website provide the quotes from different companies.
Auto Insurance
One cost that is always required is that of auto insurance. All of the states require that driver’s cars are insured to a certain extent. Some states require more auto insurance than others, sometimes including full coverage, while the majority of them require liability only.
There are many different companies that offer this service and it is easy to find the best rate available through online comparison. While some drivers will look for the cheapest insurance out there, it is not always a good idea to base the choice solely on cost. When it comes to insurance it is never good to be penny wise and pound stupid.
Paying a little more in monthly premiums may be the difference between having to pay out of pocket for accident expenses and being covered completely by the insurance provider. Car accidents can be expensive especially if any physical harm is done to either of the drivers. Quality auto insurance covers both the damage to the car and the damage to the person driving.
Insurance Quote
One of the quickest ways to get an insurance quote is by going online. There are a large variety of websites that provide a quick and easy way to get an array of quotes from range of different insurance companies.
While one of the most popular types of insurance quotes available online are car insurance quotes, there are also quotes available for other types of insurance. If time commitment is not an issue, it is always a wise idea to call or stop by a local insurance office.
Having a face to face conversation not only helps in getting to know the different agents out there, but it may save money. Insurance agents are trained to know the different discounts available, and talking to someone might help find the most amount of money that can be saved. Insurance quotes are easy to obtain whichever way one chooses to do it.
Cheap Insurance
One of the most important issues with families across the United States is keeping their life affordable. One of the hardest parts about this is lowering the monthly costs that these families incur. In many cases, the most money, apart from rent or mortgage, is spent on various forms of insurance.
For some the thought of cheap insurance is a far-fetched idea, but there is a way to lower insurance costs. There are a variety of insurance companies that provide insurance at different price points. The one thing to be aware of is that occasionally with cheap insurance comes a lack of coverage.
It is important to always carefully look at the insurance terms before choosing a plan or company based on the cost. Unfortunately in this economy it is not always an option, and finding cheap insurance is more important than having a large amount of insurance coverage.
Flood Insurance Flood Maps Redo 
 With the new flood maps being drafted and almost ready to take effect, many people are looking towards the government to expand funding. This appears to be a bad idea for some who see a program that is already in a sufficient amount of debt.
Looking past the 17 billion dollar deficit the program currently has many insurance and real estate groups are lobbying for expansion. The taxpayers and conservation groups see it a different way and are making it clear they believe it should not be expanded any further.
The current legislation in place shows that the national flood insurance program is going to come to a close at the end of this upcoming September. The opposing forces are looking to extend that date by five years.
The expansion and revamping of the program would bring premium costs more closely to actual costs as well as utilizing the new flood maps. The insurance companies and home owner and builder companies are in support of this move as well as the democrats on the committees.
Insurance Fraud Still a Major Threat 
 One of the common problems in the insurance industry is the increasing existence of insurance fraud. It is this fraud that increases premiums for other customers and decreases the profits of the insurance companies. New research has come out that may help in identifying insurance fraud.
Insurance fraud when in connection with vehicle insurance happens when people make claims that are either false or vastly exaggerated. An exaggerated claim could be when a person includes damage that happened before along with the current damage as a way to get more money.  While this may benefit the people committing the fraud it affects people who do not make claims by increased premiums.
The insurance industry is slowly becoming more knowledgeable about fraud and has improved the ways it identifies it. The sooner that technologies are established that deter fraud, the more likely insurance costs will begin to drop. As a consumer providing companies with any known tips to fraud or illegal claims will assist in this.
Obama Health Insurance Overhaul 
 The Obama administration’s health insurance overhaul includes a variety of funding for different aspects of health care. One of the less prominent parts of the law is the funding for those who retire but are too young to be eligible for medicare coverage. As the law slowly begins to take action across the United States, New Jersey is one of the first states to see the monetary benefits.
Recently the State Public employee retirement system of New Jersey has recently received a substantial amount of funding through the program. A substantial 39 million dollars has been set aside for the program that aims at reimbursing public employers and labor units for insurance costs. The people who are allowed to apply for benefits from this funding include businesses and public individuals.
The state is not completely satisfied with the amount of money given and is applying for another 40 million dollars’ worth of funding. New Jersey has received the second highest amount of funding, coming in behind California.
Car Insurance Line of Products Vary 
 Geico, Progressive and Allstate are all competing heavily for your car insurance dollars.  A car insurance line of products won’t differ too much from the protection that they provide, but the prices certainly will.  Car insurance line of products like full coverage, theft and collision have prices that are based on a few factors like the driver’s personal driving record, state of residence and even gender.
While most insurance companies don’t make their scoring factors known outside of the company, some of them can be logically assumed.  One that might not come to your mind immediately is your credit score.  Insurance companies will absolutely charge different premiums to their customers for the same car insurance line product.  To be able to get away with this, they have to have a legitimate scoring system that holds each individual accountable and the credit score is a fairly easy and convoluted enough to be confusing to the consumer, system to use.
If you are looking for an inexpensive car insurance line of protection, you may end up with a much different quote once your credit has been checked.  Keep this in mind when you are shopping for your car insurance.  Try to clear off any incorrect data from your credit report and try to pay down as many of your cards as you can before getting that final insurance quote.
Finding a Cheap Car in Today's Economy 
 New Car dealers across the nation have lowered prices making it a difficult choice between buying new or used. Â Finding a cheap car no longer just means used. Â When you consider some of the incentives that manufacturer’s are offering, it would almost seem that buying a cheap used car is a poor investment now. Â Whichever you determine to be the best purchase for your situation, the first thing you should do before stepping onto a lot is check your credit.
Knowing your credit score gives you an accurate idea of what you can afford. Â Do what you can to reduce any outstanding balances or correct any discrepancies before trying to finance a car. Â To keep your payments low you will need to have at least fair credit and above and a sizeable downpayment will significantly lower your monthly payment as well.
Look into cheap insurance before you go on the lot also. Â Car dealers can set you up with insurance with your purchase, but the best thing to do is a quote comparison and secure the insurance before the car purchase. Â You can save a lot of money by not being pressured into insurance that you cannot afford.
Illinois Passes Bill to Examine Insurance Adjusters 
 When it comes to making insurance claims, one of the biggest parts of the process is the insurance adjuster. It is this person who makes the recommendation to the insurance company on just how much the claim will cost. A new bill was recently passed in Illinois concerning the screening of public insurance adjusters.
The bill was passed by a unanimous vote in the Illinois House of Representatives. The bill will give the Department of Insurance the ability and right to make Public Insurance Adjuster applicants go through a fingerprint background check. The bill would apply to both new adjuster applicants as well as those reapplying for their license.
It is hoped that the bill will increase protection for consumers as well as lessen people misrepresenting themselves as adjusters. This will create more confidence with consumers who are wary of public adjusters. It now goes to the senate for further voting and deliberation.
________________________________________, Agents Concerned About Health Care Exchanges 
 Many of those opposed to the new Affordable Health Care Act are the independent health insurance agents. They are worried that the new health benefit exchanges will limit their ability to work and make money. Some even believe that their role will be completely eliminated once the full force of the act takes place around 2014.
The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has recently created a group to explore this possibility. The task force is looking to research ways of making sure that independent agents will still have a place in the health care industry. One of the stipulations of the new act is that only 15-20 percent of premium payments be allowed to go to administrative costs and profits.
One of the biggest roles of insurance agents is providing valuable information and knowledge. Agents believe that the health care exchanges will push consumers to not contact them with questions. People who are proponents of this system disagree, and believe agents will maintain a valuable role.
Health Care Executive Pay Under Scrutiny 
 One of the controversies over the current health care system is the amount that executives and employees get paid. This is part of the reasoning for the new Afford-ability act which will limit the amount of money that can be put towards profit and administrative costs. The new act will limit payments towards these to 15 percent for large groups and 20 percent for small businesses and individuals.
As the financial payouts to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield executives were put under scrutiny, many other companies have started to look at their salaries and bonuses. Many people believe that the salaries of insurance industry executives should be deliberated by outside non-biased sources. While non-profits are not known to have extreme salaries, even these groups are being looked at.
It is a hope that the new afford-ability act will force companies to redirect their premium payments to patient care rather than back into their own pockets. Many states are trying to be granted waivers that will push the enactment of this act back three years. Maine is the first state that was granted this waiver.
Massachusetts Subsidized Health Care Program Doing Well 
 In 2006 the state of Massachusetts enacted a law backing a subsidized health care program known as Commonwealth Care. The low-cost health care program is available to those who earn as much as three times more than the poverty level and provides them with subsidized insurance. A recent survey has shown those who have taken advantage of the program are satisfied with the way it has worked.
Over eighty percent of the seven hundred members surveyed rated the company either a four or five on a five point scale. Around sixty percent enrolled believed that the cost of premiums and co-payments were manageable and only a tiny four percent stated that they were unhappy with the program. The biggest drawback was cited to be easy access to doctors and appointments.
Some of the members were confronted with doctor’s offices who were not accepting their insurance, while others found it difficult to find a doctor who would accept a new patient. While over eighty percent of those surveyed said they had seen a doctor within the past year, many of them cited difficulty making appointments as offices preferred those with private health insurance.
New Bill in Georgia Allows Residents to Purchase Out of State Insurance 
 The Georgia house of representatives has just recently passed a bill that would allow Georgia residents to purchase health insurance from out of state providers. Previously the residents of the peach state were required to purchase health insurance from in-state companies. This was based on the premise that Georgia law required health insurance companies to provide certain services and procedures.
Georgian republicans have been long at work trying to pass this bill while democrats still adamantly oppose it. The bill would allow providers who are out of state, but with licenses to operate in Georgia, provide insurance to its residents. Those opposed fear that it would mean policies that do not provide adequate coverage.
Those in favor of the bill think it will drive up competition in the insurance sector. The bill was passed with a vote of 111 to 47 this past Thursday. It is now headed to the senate for more deliberation and an additional vote.
Auto Insurance Verification Bill Passed in Mississippi 
 One of the problems that has been facing Mississippi’s Department of Public Safety is the inability to properly verify driver’s liability insurance. It is a problem that will likely be fixed by a new bill looking to help instantly verify any drivers current insurance. The bill was passed by the state’s senate this week but continues to be tweaked.
The bill would allow the state to deny license plate tags if the one driving the car is not yet insured as well as charge uninsured drivers with fines and even a suspended license. The new program would utilize computer technology in order to check the required state insurance for drivers through a combined effort by the Department of Safety, Insurance Department as well as the Department of Revenue.
The trial period of the program is scheduled to start in mid-2012. If the trial period proves to be successful the program would go into effect on July 1, 2013, as stated by Senate Insurance Committee Chairman Eugene “Buck” Clarke.
North Carolina Creating an Insurance Exchange 
 The Obama administration signed the Federal Affordable Care Act a year ago this month. While some states are trying to be granted waivers on the law, others are trying to establish the mandated insurance exchanges. The law requires states to have their exchanges set up and ready to use by beginning of the year in 2014.
If the states do not already have an exchange ready to run, the federal government will set it up for them. The insurance commissioner of North Carolina is trying to establish a panel that would oversee the development of these exchanges. Wayne Goodwin, the NC Commissioner, believes that a panel made up of a variety of insurance advocates, both consumer and industry would benefit the exchange.
While the federal Affordable Care Act is still being challenged in courts as well as in congress and the house, one of the aspects that is agreed upon is the health care benefit exchanges. This is unlikely to change throughout the deliberations being brought on by the Republican Party.
Health Insurance, Medicaid Insurance Program 
 The National Governors Association held its semiannual meeting this past weekend, and the main topic of discussion was the Medicaid health insurance program.
Health Insurance
The majority of Governors of both parties agreed that changes need to be made, but specific changes were not agreed upon. During the session the association created a committee to decide what can be done with the help of the federal health officials.
Low Cost Health Care
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Although both parties believe there should be changes made, whether or not an agreement will be able to be reached is unclear. Many republican governors are looking to make a similar change to what happened to welfare in the 1990s. This would allot each state a certain amount of money a year with the chance to decide what to do with it.
Medicaid Health Insurance
Currently the Medicaid system provides health care coverage for poor americans, totally around 53 million people. The responsibility of the program has long been shared by both the state and federal government. Current budgetary issues are putting more financial pressure on the state governments.
________________________________________ Launch Guide for Cheap Dental Insurance is a new site that has launched. The purpose of the site is to inform people about dental health insurance coverage as well as other general insurance topics. The site also discusses such topics as dental reimbursement plans and dental discount plans.
The site also has information for insurance quotes for health insurance as well as other types of insurance products. does not sell insurance nor are they affiliated with any one insurance provider. They offer impartial information regarding finding dental health insurance.
Dental insurance typically is very low cost, however not every insurance policy for dental coverage will include everything you need. It is best to compare numerous providers and prices before selecting a provider.
Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions, 61 sign up in Alabama 
 One of the more attractive aspects of the new health care reform act, for some, is the requirement for insurance companies to accept those with pre-existing conditions. This was something that otherwise would make it very difficult to get affordable insurance. While insurance companies are not required to do so until 2014, there is a program currently available until that date comes.
Currently over 12,500 people across the nation have signed up for this program. However, in Alabama a mere 61 participants have come forward to sign up so far, as stated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. One of the deterring factors to opting for one of these plans is the high cost, ranging from $300 to $800 a month.
In addition to the monthly cost there are also considerable deductibles and copays that have to be met. There are only 23 states that have allowed the preexisting condition insurance plan to be run by the federal government. The plan was initiated in Alabama on the first of August 2010.
New York Insurance Groups Discuss Health Insurance Exchanges 
 Many agents from a variety of insurance trade groups will be meeting to discuss the changes the federal health care reform will have on them. The meeting will be hosted in Albany, New York on March 11, 2011. The purpose of the meeting will be to figure out how the state of New York will implement the new health insurance mandates.
Part of the new health care reform put into place by the Obama administration, is the creation of health insurance exchanges. These are insurance marketplaces that offer a wide range of plans which are consistent with a set of benefits and cost points.
It is the hope that this meeting will aid in setting up how these exchanges will be run, and what role the insurance trade groups will play. This is the first of many meetings that will be held before the exchanges are required to be created in 2014. It is hoped that small businesses and individuals will be able to purchase insurance through these exchanges. 
________________________________________, National Flood Insurance in Jeopardy 
 One of the most common choices for purchasing flood insurance is to go through the National Flood Insurance Program, an option run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA. It provides over 5.5 million homes with flood insurance, the majority of which are located in either Florida or Texas. In order to be eligible for the program the local area must be deemed a special hazard area and use floodplain management to reduce future flood risks.
The number of claims the agency received sky-rocketed following the disaster that was Hurricane Katrina. The rapid increase in claims caused the program to have to borrow from the Government. Unfortunately, because rates are prohibited from rising above a certain level, the money borrowed could not be made up by premium increases. Currently the program is running on a $19 billion deficit, which will eventually have to be paid back by others enrolled in the program.
Flood Insurance
A United States Representative from the state of Michigan, Candice Miller, has recently proposed legislation that aims at ending the government run flood insurance program. She believes that participants in low-risk flood states, for example Michigan, have to pay for and cover the costs that some high risk states are incurring. The bill would close the program in the year 2013.
________________________________________ Life Insurance, Term or Whole Life? 
 When it comes to life insurance, there are two options to consider when choosing a plan. These options are Term Life Insurance and Permanent life insurance. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option including price and length of coverage. For some, a health exam may be required when applying for a life insurance policy. 
Permanent life insurance lasts from the time of purchase until the insurance holder dies. These policies are usually the more expensive option. The upside of this plan is that the monthly premium will remain the same throughout the whole policy. Permanent policies generally have larger payouts because a part of initial payments are invested. 
Term life insurance policies can be bought in different lengths, and are commonly found in 10 or 20 year terms. Although it is common for rates to increase each year, buyers do have the option to get rate locked in for a certain number of years. Term life premiums are usually lower than permanent life. After a term life policy ends a health evaluation may be required to purchase another term.
Although life insurance is not required, such as home and auto insurance are, it is a good life investment to protect the financial viability of family and loved ones.
________________________________________ Liability Insurance Coverage Issues 
 Most states require that all vehicles have car insurance before being allowed to operate on roadways. However, the standard of how much car insurance coverage is required for individuals to have varies from state to state. When looking into purchasing auto insurance is important to learn what state laws on about how much coverage is needed. 
Many states only require the minimum amount of coverage which is usually liability only this type of car insurance covers costs that are incurred because of the insured driver’s wrongful actions. However this allows the driver to purchase liability insurance with very limited benefits. Although this may save money in the beginning and with monthly payments, in the end it could be more costly.
In the event of a large accident, or one in which the victim is hospitalized, any amount above the liability coverage may be charged to the driver. This is one of the reasons that more comprehensive coverage is recommended when purchasing auto insurance. It is a safer idea to pay more in monthly premiums then risk not having enough insurance to cover an incident. Many insurance companies offer a variety of policies that are both cost effective as well as provide a good amount of coverage.
Health Insurance: Important Terms When Making a Choice 
 Health Insurance is on a lot of people’s minds lately. With Health Care legislation in the news constantly and people losing their jobs or losing their insurance at work, many are looking for private insurance plans. When trying to select a new health insurance plan on your own it may serve you to know some of the terminology and jargon that is being thrown around in the industry.
Health Insurance Jargon
When beginning the search for health insurance, one is inundated with a variety of industry specific terms that they may not know the meaning of. It is a good idea to get a grasp on the different terms used before purchasing a plan. This will help one determine what coverage they need, and how much of it they should be looking to purchase.
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Find the Best Health Insurance Coverage
The first term that is used very often and in all types of insurance, is deductible. This is the amount of money one has to pay upfront in order to receive a particular health service. There are usually different deductibles for different types of service. For example there may be a $30 deductible for a routine checkup and a $200 deductible for an emergency room visit. Lower deductibles usually mean higher monthly payments.
Another important term to know when choosing health insurance is the benefit. This term reflects the total amount of money the insurance company will cover for a specific health issue. For example, after paying the deductible for surgery, the insurance company may offer a benefit of up to $2500. If the cost of the surgery exceeds this amount, the remaining balance would be required to be paid for by the patient. Higher benefits usually mean higher premium payments.
________________________________________ Life Insurance For High Risk Applicants 
As with health insurance, one must apply to receive most kinds of life insurance. The applicants are judged on factors such as their current state of health, sex, age and family health history. People who have pre-existing conditions, or are hereditarily prone to health risks are likely to have a more difficult time. Age is another factor that will make it harder to apply for and be approved for life insurance.
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The reason behind this is because these factors are considered high-risk. This means the insurance company feels that the person will likely require the insurance pay-off before they have paid a substantial amount of premium payments. Although it may be more difficult to receive life insurance at an older age, it is not impossible.
Insurance Carriers for Life Insurance
There are many life insurance carriers that cater directly to the middle aged to elderly age groups. While it is unlikely that the insurance coverage will be large, it would still provide a significant amount of financial help for one’s family members.
Funeral Costs
Many elderly plans focus solely on covering funeral costs, offering anywhere from $10,000 up to $50,000. These plans usually guarantee that any applicant will be approved, no matter if there is a current sickness or the person is of an older age.
________________________________________ Focus on Life Insurance 
 For many people the last kind of insurance they deem necessary is life insurance. This is usually because it is not required to have life insurance as it is required to have both home and auto insurance. Even though life insurance may not be required, it does not make it any less important.
Life insurance can be used to cover funeral costs, as well as provide financial assistance and security to loved ones. Those without life insurance may be leaving behind substantial debt that their families and loved ones would not be able to handle. The act of buying life insurance is much like placing a financial security net in case of the worst case scenario.
A common misconception about life insurance is that the cost is too high for most middle class American people to be able to afford. Although there are extensive life insurance policies that have high costs, there are many different options to fit different needs. For less expensive options people can consider buying an insurance policy that would cover for funeral expenses as well as a short term payments for bills and other debts. Other policies will cover the entire remaining mortgage and even the deceased income for a couple of years.
Health Insurance Reform Debate 
 Health insurance has been in the forefront of political debate since the last Presidential election. Even with the health care reform bill being passed, many Americans still do not know how exactly the changes will affect them. Misconceptions have been fueled by both sides of the political spectrum, from overly positive statements made by the left wing, to right wing conservatives pointing out flaws.
As citizens of the United States it is important to know what kind of benefits and disadvantages will come along with the health care reform. One of the common misconceptions is that citizens that were already insured under plans will be required to change to different plans. This is not true, plans that were already in effect will be granted a “grandfathered” status, meaning terms can stay the same, although additional benefits may be provided.
Many people also believe that the increased cost of this program will be pushed off onto them. Although some funding for this will be generated by taxes, it won’t affect 98.8 percent of everyday Americans. The government plans on funding this through a surtax taken from Americans that are in the highest 1.2 percent income range. The income necessary to be charged this tax is a little over $250,000 a year.
Trying to Lose Weight? Partner up! 
 Trying to lose weight without the support of those around makes it increasingly hard to succeed at this difficult task. Many people trying to lose weight find it helpful to get together with a partner. This helps by providing a little competitive spark as each person dieting and working out tries to surpass the other.
Another one of the great benefits of having a weight loss partner is having another person who can encourage and keep the other person on track. There are some programs that provide this in a large group setting such as weight watchers.
While having a partner is very advantageous one should keep in mind that each weight loss plan will be different depending on the person’s goals as well as the different body type and metabolism. Partners do not work for everyone as some people feel discouraged if the other person is reaching their goals at a faster pace.
________________________________________ Discounted Rates for Multiple Policies with Nationwide Insurance 
 Nationwide Insurance is one of the larger and well-known insurance companies offering insurance for vehicles, home, life, and other specialty insurance such as pet and travel. When it comes to their auto insurance, Nationwide features what they call the “on your side review”.
This is a service that details the amount of coverage that each customer needs as well as what kind of discounts they may be eligible for. It is one of the many money saving programs that is offered by the insurance company. Other programs that are focused on saving their customers money include the “Vanishing Deductible” discount as well as the “Accident Free” car insurance discount.
In addition to these great auto discounts, because the company offers such a wide range of insurance, customers have the choice to purchase all kinds of insurance from the same company. Nationwide’s offers large discounts for customers who purchase more than one type of insurance, and the discounts increase with the purchase of additional types of insurance.
Direct Auto Insurance, a Great Deal for High-risk Car Owners 
 A common problem for individuals with poor credit history as well as a less than perfect driving record is finding car insurance that is reasonably priced while still providing quality coverage. Direct Auto Insurance is an insurance company that believes these people still deserve quality insurance, and shouldn’t be charged obscene rates to insure their safety.
Direct works with customers to provide a solid insurance plan that is affordable, without putting a lot of emphasis on the drivers past discretions, including lapsed coverage and being dropped by another insurance company. One of the benefits to purchasing Direct Auto Insurance is that the company does not require the customer to have a credit card or a checking account.
This allows many first time car owners looking for quality insurance to become insured even though they may not be financially established yet. The ability to customize payment plans is another benefit new car owners will be able to take advantage of.
Nationwide Insurance Changes Direct Insurance Concerns to American Unemployed 
 With recent nationwide insurance changes, companies are seeking waivers to keep their insurance plans the same while they can adjust. Many states are running into some problems already with the strict mandates that the new nationwide insurance changes are causing. Arizona for instance has had to remove eight types of surgeries from their Medicaid to keep up with rising costs so that they can provide Medicaid to others.
American’s that are currently unemployed have had to seek insurance on their own. Thier direct insurance needs have been met by using short term insurance plans, however, under the nationwide insurance changes, these plans may no longer be available by 2014.
Many are left without insurance and may be unable to get medicaid in their state as the requirements are changing. Those that were already covered should not see too many changes immediately. Those that were not previously covered may have to find insurance elsewhere.
The unfortunate side effect of the direct insurance changes made by the current policy cold mean states going bankrupt in order to stick to their medicaid promise. Arizona may only be the first in a a string of states that will feel the pressure of the new policies, even while the policies are being reconsidered in court.
________________________________________ Hindsight for Renter's Insurance is Costly 
 Devastating events happen in apartment complexes nationwide every day. While burglaries tend to be the most common occurrences, there has also been a rise in apartment fires. Both of these events can wreak havoc on home and family life, but do even more damage to those who do not have renter’s insurance.
Renter’s insurance is very similar to homeowner’s insurance, and is available to anyone who is renting a home or apartment, but unfortunately most people don’t see the necessity in this until disaster strikes them. Renter’s insurance can cover items in your home whether they be destroyed from a natural disaster, fire, or even get stolen.
If you are the unfortunate victims of a building fire, with renter’s insurance, you can get redemption for any clothing, necessities, as well as electronics and valuables that have been lost as a result. Some companies even consider vehicles as an extension of your home and can cover them as well.
Car Insurance and the Cars that Attract Women 
 The guys with the flashy cars, they are the ones that have an understanding that some women are attracted to a man … well with a flashy car.  There are other reasons that guy buys a car, but the only reason he could possibly pay the exorbitant amounts in car insurance to cover the expensive rides could only be a woman.  Some of the top cars that catch the eye of some ladies are BMWs, Jaguars and Porsche’s.
The car insurance companies for years have profited off of the fact that a lot of guys will buy cars to attract a woman.  Even though some of the aforementioned cars are the safest in the world and should actually cost less for car insurance, the agencies continue to keep premiums high.  This has become a bit of a status symbol that is tied into owning a high end car.  The legitimate reason that car insurance for these vehicles is astronomical is of course, they are the ones that are most often stolen.
Fast cars will always be a staple of the mid-life crises ideal and men have really come to accept that.  Most are able to get away with it because their wife would rather have their husbands have a fast car than a fast, younger woman.